Lower Abdominal Pain in Men

Causes and Treat Lower Abdominal Pain in Men

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There are different causes of lower abdominal pain in men than in women and if you are male and have recently experienced unusual lower abdominal pains then it may be time to consult your doctor.

In men, lower abdominal pain may be due to conditions of the digestive tract, urinary tract infections and even chronic medical disorders. It is estimated that almost all men have experienced some kind of lower abdominal pain in his life and have used medications to manage pain, used herbal treatments or have never sought treatmentat all.


Pain that does not improve or has worsened over time should be consulted right away; these may be due to the following reasons:

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are the most common reason for having pain in men. Small or developing stones may have no symptoms at all but those who have grown bigger and have developed irregular sizes often cause pain and bleeding. Kidney stones must be diagnosed as early as possible and must be treated right away; these may block the drainage of urine causing stasis and kidney infections.


Although the appendix does not have any specific function these may inflame and may accumulate pus. When this happen the appendix become very painful and will be very difficult to move or even cough or walk. Within a span of several hours, the inflammation becomes so severe the patient needs surgical treatment to remove the appendix before it ruptures and releases toxins in the body.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Lower abdominal pain in men may also be caused by irritable bowel syndrome. This is characterized by pain on the lower part of the abdomen along with alternating constipation and diarrhea. IBS is a chronic condition of the gastrointestinal system that will take years to manage; it takes medical supervision and diet to reduce the symptoms of this condition.

Conditions of the male reproductive system

Inflammation of any of the organs of the reproductive system may lead to lower abdominal pain. One such condition is seminal vesiculitis when the seminal vesicles are inflamed causing moderate to severe pain on the lower abdomen.

Bladder infections

Infections of the bladder could also lead to the development of pain. Bacterial infections may also be accompanied by fever and painful urination. Bladder infections must be treated with antibiotics right away to reduce pain and other symptoms before the infection worsens and affect the kidneys.

There may be many more causes of pain in men and regardless of the cause, unusual pain and pain that aggravates even after treatment is applied should be consulted right away. Early assessment leads to better management of symptoms and faster recovery.

If you are planning to use any herbs, supplements or natural treatments for your condition it is smart to talk to your doctor first. Only your doctor will be able to recommend the ideal treatment after a thorough physical exam and the use of different diagnostic examination tools.