Right Lower Abdominal Pain in MenOnce in your life you must have experienced an abdominal pain. The abdominal pains normally are not very severe, though in some situations it may be serious. It is that pain that restricts you from standing for long periods, you can’t bend with ease or you can’t even sleep with your side. These stomachaches are not common in men as in women. This is because women mostly experience menstrual cramps and experiences these abdominal pains during pregnancy. Abdominal pains that affect men may or may not be caused by the same causes causing the abdominal pains in women. Although, the pains have not been regarded as so stark, that it can be fatal, it may be a sign or an indication of major disease in your body. Some of this diseases that its symptoms include the abdominal pains, include kidney related disorders, gastrointestinal problems, vascular system malfunctioning, gynecological , abdominal wall inflammation etc. the abdominal pain also affects infants, older children, adolescents and adults differently. This article will mainly deal with the abdominal pain affecting the right side on men. The knowledge about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis treatment and prevention of the right lower abdominal pain in men is very vital.

The symptoms

The right lower abdominal pain in men as any other ailment is symptomatic. However, the lower abdominal pains in men mostly may be due to overtasking oneself and bad sitting or positioning of the body thus straining your abdominal muscles. The pain may be connected with a presence of a serious disease in the body. These diseases may have some related symptoms that come together with the abdominal pain. The symptoms comprise fever, complete appetite loss, fluctuation in the degree of the pain, vomiting, nausea, the frequent change in the habits of the bowel and bloating.

The causes

Most of the causes of the lower right abdominal pain in men may include the following:

Appendicitis: men have an average risk in getting appendicitis but if one by bad luck has, the most probable effect of this disease is making the stomach ache especially the lower right side.
Cancer: Cancer is a viral disease that manifests itself in tissues of organs or blood vessels in form of a tumor. The cancer of the stomach can cause severe abdominal pains. It is advisable that if you happen to experience severe pains, a visit to the doctor is not optional. Bladder cancer can also may be responsible for abdominal pains.

The inguinal hernia: this is normally caused by straining of the stomach muscles due to excess lifting of heavy materials that tends to strain your muscles. This condition may also affect the young and the old.

The kidney stones: this kidney disorder is known to cause a lot of uneasiness in the lower right side of the abdomen. Kidney stones is caused by the excess accumulation of urea and calcium in the body. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible if you identify that the abdominal pain has taken long to heal and is becoming chronic.

The testicular torsion: This happens when the other side of the testicle is deprived from enough blood supply due a twist by the spermatic cord. The groin area and the lower right side of the abdomen is really painful in times of such a situation. Remember that you cannot heal this by taking painkillers; you should rather seek medication as soon as possible.

Constipation is another common cause of the abdominal pains in the lower right side. This condition happens when the bowel resists exiting the body because of hardness. This happens mostly to men and other people who take food with low fiber content.
The pelvic inflammatory disease: causes pain on the lower right side of the abdomen and the pelvic area and it is a very serious condition.

The diagnosis

The doctor performs various diagnoses to know the exact cause of the abdominal pain. There are normally three types of the abdominal pain (visceral, somatic and referred), the doctor can be able to distinguish among this so as to establish the root cause of the abdominal pains. The acute abdominal pain requires thorough examination and diagnosis as it may be as result of a fatal disease in the body. In diagnosing males mostly, the doctors normally check the prostate, the bladder and the seminal vesicles.

The treatment and prevention

The right lower abdominal pain in men caused by strain can be prevented by avoiding lifting excessive heavy materials. Try to eat food rich in fiber content to avoid the pains caused by hard bowels. If you do not establish the cause of the lower right abdominal pain, please it is important that you consult your doctor for further and thorough diagnosis.