Lower Abdominal Pain And Peeing A LotUsually known as abs pain, the lower abdominal pain and peeing a lot is mainly associated with the various digestive parts of the human body. Even though there can be numerous causes, the diverse areas of pain offers numerous clues on the likely causes of the abdominal pain. Additionally, depending on the kind of pain felt, the urgency and seriousness for medical assist can be examined. This shows that careful evaluation is required with some examinations to determine the cause of the lower abdominal pain accurately.

The lower abdominal pain frequently begins below the umbilicus. Some people may also call it pelvic pain. The uneasiness can be caused by several factors and might be acute or chronic. The pelvis can at times be used as the focal point and the pain can be established in the right or left area. The time taken for pain to last can vary from short span of time to a long duration of time. There can be several reasons causing abdominal pain that an individual may feel and it comprises of some kind of infections, diabetes, menstrual cramps, tumors, vaginitis, kidney stones, lymphomas, bowel disorders, appendicitis and endometriosis. Despite the fact that these kinds of causes may appear in certain parts of the lower abdomen, numerous diagnostic examination can still be carried out to determine the real problem.

This pain is mainly experienced by females since the present normally show up during menstruation period. The strength of cramps may also vary depending on the intensity of pain that a person can withstand. In addition, there are many frequent culprits of the pelvic pain in female. One of the culprits is the inflammation of the cystitis or bladder. As a result of the position of the anatomical of the women, females are usually predisposed to the infections more than guys. The other cause of the lower abdominal pain can occur from the kidney stones where the pain is normally situated on the flank region and are normally described as knife-like and sharp pain. This can be as a result of the stones moving and destroying the bladder and the urinary tract. Pain can also be felt from the uterus, ovary or fallopian tubes. This kind of pain can be situated at the centre of the pelvis. The other cause of the lower abdominal pain is the dysmenorrhoea during the menstruation period. Pain can also be caused by the ovarian cysts where they can be felt bilaterally or only each side of the pelvic area.

Causes Of Lower Abdominal Pain And Peeing A Lot

Endometriosis also causes pain in the uterus same as the ones that the fibroids cause. The disease of the pelvic inflammatory can usually cause pain at the central region of the pelvis and might radiate at both sides. Finally, the ectopic pregnancy can result in the lower abdominal pain that might usually be felt near the flank area on the fallopian tube.

The pain felt on the lower left region can be established on the left side of the umbilicus. This region comprises of the left kidney, fallopian tubes, left urinary bladder, sigmoid colon and many nerves. Aneurysms, stones and tumors can also cause pain in these regions. The obstruction of the bowel can also cause pain in the abdomen which can be caused mainly by the inflammation of the mass of tissue or colon. Diverticulitis and chron’s diseases cause the inflammation of the colon and can both cause too much pain on the lower left side of the abdomen. The other factor can be hernias in which one usual cause is the infection of the kidney.

Pain felt on the lower right abdomen is mostly suspected to be as a result of the appendicitis cases. This pain can at times radiate to the other parts of the abdomen. Cancer of lower intestine is one of the sign of the pain including the inflammatory diseases.

The intensity of pain may vary from tender to severe pain. This will mainly depend on the cause of the abdominal pain. Nevertheless, in many cases, the pain is intermittent. Also, the pain can at times be felt during fitness exercises like running or jogging. Cramps may be felt before or during bowel movements. Those pains felt on the reproductive areas may resurface during intercourse. The nature of the peeing a lot can vary greatly due to its cause and even though the pain area and type can provide clues to what the main causes are, a thorough research needs to be carried out to investigate what are the main causes and treatment criterion.